2015 Kids & Pros Youth Football Camp in Norcross – July 14-16, 2015

Kids and Pros Youth Football


Former Atlanta Falcons Buddy Curry and Bobby Butler, in conjunction with Kids & Pros  Inc., hosted a free Youth Football Clinic in Gwinnett at Peachtree Corners Baptist Church in Norcross, July 14-16, 2015.  The Kids & Pros Gwinnett Clinic was offered free of charge to youth in the area, due to funding by generous sponsors in the area.

The clinic was among the largest  Kids & Pros clinics in Gwinnett County, bringing out close to 260 athletes and 125 parents to brush up on position skills, and learn more about the Heads Up Football tackling technique here in Gwinnett County.

In addition to the clinic, there was a parent information session open to all Gwinnett County youth recreation and school coaches and parents interested in learning more about the following:  the impact as a coach as a role model, character building through football and cheerleading, equipment fitting, concussion avoidance, and Heads Up FootballSM (the steps of proper football tackling technique and other skills to avoid injuries).  Dr. David M. Schwarz, Ph.D., ABPdN, Clinical Neuropsychologist, The Concussion Institute at Gwinnet Medical Center – Duluth, led the discussion on concussion awareness, followed by a Q & A session.

The Gwinnett Medical Center Marketing team was on hand on Thursday night, educating parents and passing out information from the Gwinnett Concussion Institute  (part of the Gwinnett Medical Center) to answer questions, from a medical perspective.


Thank you to the following sponsors for their support and participation at this year’s camps: NFL Foundation, NFL Players Association, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Healthtrac Family Wellness Pain Injury Clinic, Dennis & Debbie Patterson, Walmart & Sam’s Club stores, Concussion Institute at Gwinnett Medical Center- Duluth, Osborn Printing, The Chris Hinton Family, and The Forum Athletic Club. Thank you, too, to our host site- Peachtree Corners Baptist Church, as well as the Norcross Youth Association for their support.


Former NFL players led the drills and the sessions at the clinic in Gwinnett, including Bobby Butler (Atlanta Falcons Cornerback 1981-1992), Robert Moore (Atlanta Falcons Safety 1986-1989), Ken Oxendine (Atlanta Falcons Running back 1998-1999),  Floyd Hodge (Atlanta Falcons Wide Receiver, 1982-1984), Forest Conoly (Florida State Univ 1991-1995, ESPN College Football Analyst) , Evan Cooper (Eagles Defensive Back 1984-1987, Falcons 1988-89), Allen Patrick (Cleveland Brown Running Back 2008),  Robert Hicks (Buffalo Bills Offensive Lineman 1988-2000), Anthony Sessions (Washington Redskins Linebacker, 2001), and Guest Speaker, Seven-Time Pro- Bowler Chris Hinton (Colts Guard 1983-1989, Falcons 1990-1993, Vikings 1994-1995), Buddy Curry (Atlanta Falcons Linebacker 1980-1987).


“Kids and Pros introduced my son to proper technique of tackling and is helping to continue to teach teamwork, working hard, discipline and paying attention.    The Kids & Pros camp gives the kids hope, as well — that someday they can grow up to be the young men that they are learning from at camp — the NFL Alumni give them a “blueprint” to follow.”  –Rod Redmond, Father, 9 year old athlete, Tyler. Peachtree Ridge Youth Athletic Association


“My son is learning Heads Up Tackling for the first time.  Heads Up Tackling is new to a lot of these kids, so it is important that kids are here all 3 days to get more reps and practice at this technique.  The more they practice it here, the more likely they’ll take back to practice in the next weeks and put it into play.  I can tell my son is listening more intently to the NFL Alumni providing training as well.”  -Keith Mohammed, Father, 8 year old athlete, Dillon.  Peachtree Ridge Youth Athletic Association


“I think the Parent Information Session at the Kids & Pros Camp puts youth football and youth sports into perspective.  Buddy gave us some real insight about keeping expectations in check and focusing on just encouraging our kids.”  –Jennifer Leslie, 9 and 7 year old athletes.  Atlanta Colts


“The life lessons that Bobby Butler talked about were equal to, if not better, than what the kids were learning on the football field.”   From the kids side, the Kids & Pros camp was a GREAT intro into the fun / competitive side of what football is all about.” –Matt Boettcher, 9 and 7 year old athletes.Flag Football, Atlanta Colts

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