Atlanta Kids Triathlon

West Gwinnett Park & Aquatic Center – AUGUST 24, 2014

The 3rd Annual Atlanta Kids Triathlon event will attract over1,000 racers from ages 6 to 15. The event is one of the few kids triathlons sanctioned by USATriathlon in Atlanta during 2014, and it will be one of the largest kids triathlon ever held in the Southeast.

Race distances are set by the USATriathlon and are designed to be challenging but achievable for kids:

  • Ages 6 – 10 will swim 100 yards; bike 3 miles; and run 0.5 miles.
  • Ages 11 – 15 will swim 200 yards; bike 6 miles; and run 1 mile.

The swim will be in the West Gwinnett Park & Aquatic Center Pool, the bike course and run course will be on roads surrounding the West Gwinnett Park & Aquatic Center. All aspects of the course will be closed to traffic with the safety of the participants the primary objective.

One of the hallmarks of Kids Triathlon, Inc. is their goal to attract as many first-time triathletes as possible. “We want to connect with kids who would not otherwise even dream about competing in a triathlon. At the center of this effort is our Team Fundraising Program through which we encourage schools, neighborhoods, teams, churches, companies and other organizations to form teams of 10 or more kids,” says Shelda Moll, event organize.

In return for participating as a team, Kids Triathlon donates $10 per child back to the sponsoring organization as a charitable fundraiser.

YMCA Hold 7-Week Training Courses

At least 17 of the YMCA branches across Atlanta will conduct free, 7-week training courses to help prepare the kids for the race. These sessions will be open to the public and will start about 2 months prior to race day. They will focus on general conditioning and specific tips and techniques for each of the 4 disciplines required in triathlons – swimming, biking, running and transitions.

Celebrity Big Kids

The Atlanta Kids Triathlon will be one of 7 exclusive events to incorporate Celebrity Big Kids™. The top priority of these “famous racers” from throughout the region is to help the kids have more fun. In addition to cheering for the kids, they will bring publicity to the event, hand out awards and sign autographs.

Pre-Race Pep Rally

Another unique component of the Atlanta Kids Triathlon is their Pre-Race Pep Rally the night before the race. This gives all participants an opportunity to pick-up their race packets, set up their gear in the transition area and to preview the race course. The highlight of the evening will be a Pep Talk delivered by at least one of the Celebrity Big Kids. It will also give everyone another chance to recognize and to thank our sponsors.

Successful completion of the event will result in more than $20,000 of charitable donations. There will be at least 3 primary beneficiaries of the 2014 event:

Fundraising opportunities for teams, leagues, churches, community organizations and schools who bring multiple kids to the race (paid on a per child basis); and The YMCA’s Strong Kids Programs.

Triathlon is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world, and this event introduces kids to a healthy, positive lifestyle that encourages daily exercise, good nutrition and making the right choices. It is a sport that rewards preparation, strength, endurance and attention to detail.


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