Exemplary Mothers Making Differences In The Lives Of Many

When you stop and think about it, you realize that mothers truly keep the whole world moving. Mothers provide no less than the gift of life itself. Mothers are the first to feed and hold us, read to us and even (reluctantly) scold us. They are their children’s first loves, role models, teachers, and friends.

In short, from a child’s beginning, his mother is his whole world. And odd as it may seem, generally mothers have no formal training for this most important of roles. They operate mostly out of instinct, with nature pointing the way. Mothers do the best they can with what they have. And most meet the many challenges of motherhood with a high degree of success.

This month’s feature story “Ultra Moms” is a tribute to all mothers everywhere, and at all stages of motherhood. And in the spirit of celebration, Sports Gwinnett chose four mothers (all from readers’ nominations) whose stories are prime examples of what it means to be a great mom.

Sports Gwinnett’s “Ultra Moms” provide for and support their children and their children’s endeavors to a truly exemplary extent and in the most inspiring of ways. They do this while also holding demanding jobs. (All these ladies work “full time,” which nowadays requires much more than 40 hours per week.) And remarkably, these mothers also participate regularly in sports or recreation for themselves.

As difficult as some days may be, not one of them would have it any other way. These ladies embrace their roles with unbridled enthusiasm, and inspiring strength of character. And each has a love for life that is indeed uplifting.

Perhaps not surprisingly (though not by design), Sports Gwinnett’s “Ultra Moms” are comprised of two teachers and two nurses. While each one has an extraordinary amount of time devoted to her own children, each also plays a motherly role to countless others, including patients, students, and their children’s friends.

As you might surmise, these ladies try their best to downplay the credit due them for the love, compassion, and lessons they impart each and every day. But Sports Gwinnett is not going to allow that with respect to this group.


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Reg L. Carver
Reg is a freelance writer and photographer from Johns Creek, Georgia. He is the author of Jazz Profiles: The Spirit of the Nineties (Billboard Books 1998), which was nominated for the Ralph J. Gleason Award for excellence in music writing. He is also the author of Walking Up Lombard:My Long Journey Home (AuthorHouse 2012), a memoir of his journey through major depression and healing. You can find him at www.reglcarver.com and www.500px.com/RegLCarver.

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