How I Do It: Megan Heath


Youth Cyclist Megan Heath Talks about How She Does it in Cycling

Fifteen year older Megan Heath, who started cycling June 2013, was a former serious ballerina. However due to complications decided to get involved in cycling. The whole family has been into cycling – her 2 brothers are on the Fraizer Cycling Youth team, her dad is a racer and her mom is a beginner cyclist.

Megan is home schooled, a top Student and has gained a leadership role on the Frazier youth team.

According to Cathy Frazier, Megan is not only mentoring other Junior girls, but, “In less than one year she has become Frazier Cycling’s top performer (boys and girls) this race season.  She has broken previous age group records on the team.  She is Frazier Cycling’s rising star, [Meagan is also] racing with pro women racers and beating them. In her last 25 races, Megan has been on the podium 19 times including 12 wins, four second places, and three third places. She will be racing locally on May 24, 25 in Marietta and Dacula.

When did you start Cycling?
I started cycling in February 2013,  but I did not start racing until June 2013.

Was it easier having two brothers into cycling already?
Yes. Since my dad and two brothers were already involved in cycling, they had a lot of knowledge about the sport. I had been on the sidelines of many races so I was familiar with the atmosphere and race strategy. This made it easier for me to become comfortable and progress at a faster rate.

What does your weekly training program consist of?
I ride six to seven days a week, averaging 150 to 200+ miles per week depending on if it is racing season or off season training.  My schedule consists of a variety of different workouts, alternating harder training days with recovery days.

What inspires you to keep riding?
God has given me a gift and I want to honor Him by using it well.  He has blessed me with a healthy body – it’s my job to help keep it that way.   My passion for racing compels me to train well so that I can race well.

What are your pre-race rituals?
I eat a protein and a carb about two to three hours before my race and more carbs about an hour before my race.  I warm up on a trainer or on the road for a about thirty minutes before my race.

How do you stay focused?
One thing that spurs me on is training and racing with more experienced or faster cyclists.  That provides a constant challenge!  It also helps to have the accountability of a cycling family, a coach, and a team.

What’s the biggest difference between ballet and cycling – or what is the similarity?

Ballet tends to be more individual, while cycling – at least the way I’ve experienced it on a team- is more strategy oriented with a group of people working together.  There is also a different focus on the type of fitness each provides – ballet is more toning and strength based, while cycling is definitely more cardio.

What challenges do you place on yourself?
Each year Frazier Cycling has a goal setting workshop.  I have a poster hanging in my room of my annual goals, which include challenges in number of miles for the year and a time trial speed goal.  Long term goals are included as well.

What’s your favorite foods before a race?
Fruit, such as apples and bananas, rice, and my mom’s oatmeal peanut butter cookies.

What is an important lesson that you have learned about yourself through your riding experience?
I’ve learned through racing that I can dig deeper, endure more, and be tougher than I ever imagined.  Most people have more in them than they realize.

How has cycling helped you in other areas of life?
When someone develops the habits of focus, discipline, and hard work they naturally carry over.  Schoolwork and my other commitments require these same habits.  I can study longer, work harder, and push myself farther than I previously realized.

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