MVHS Varsity Volleyball: State Tournament Bound

Mountain View High School JV Volleyball

The 2011 season for the Lady Bears Volleyball team ended well when they made it to the Area 8AAAAA Sweet Sixteen Round of the State Tournament with Coach Stan Carpenter.

During this 2013 season Coach Stan Carpenter hopes to take the girls even farther in the tournament. The team has made many improvements over the season and though they admit they are not yet perfect, they believe in themselves and hope to overcome their opponents in the tournament.

“I think [Coach Carpenter] has finally found our rotation that wins games,” junior Jordan Screen said. “Our passing and covering our block could use more work but overall we have a pretty solid team.”

This solid team works well together because they have a strong bond with each other on and off the court. Sometimes the girls will go to the park to play sand volleyball together just for the fun of it.

“Unlike other sports, in volleyball one person can’t do it all. We all get along and have great chemistry, which makes everything easier,” said sophomore Aysha Avery.

On October 8and 9 the varsity team won against Mill Creek twice, Peachtree Ridge once, and Collins Hill once, allowing them to advance to the next round of the tournament and knocking Collins Hill and Habersham out of it. Everyone took home medals for being second in the region and Screen took home a medal for the All Star team.

“I just try, and go, and play my best each and every game to help the team win. I don’t even know to this day who even chose me. I just go out and do my part with all I have,” said Screen.

The team has a great fan base from the school, they’re even having a pep rally next Thursday, October 17 to get the student body hyped up for the game that night that will hopefully allow them to advance further in the tournament.

“When we have home games, we have a lot of people come out and support us, and I think they do because volleyball is an exciting fast pace sport which keeps them involved in every point. They also come to support us and encourage the team,” said Avery.

A little encouragement certainly goes a long way for this year’s Lady Bears Varsity Volleyball team as they enter the next round of their tournament, which will be played on October 17, 22, 26, and 30 if they continue to win.

Nicolle Sartain
As a senior from Mountain View high school, Nicolle Sartain writes for the school’s newspaper, The Grizzly Gazette. She participates in Mountain View’s theater department and was a cheerleader as well.

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