Closest-to-the-Pin Car Giveaway Challenge Winner


Golf 4 Millions has a winner of its Closest-to-the-Pin Car Giveaway Challenge.

Congratulations to Bob Morris, a 20+ handicap golfer, who prevailed over the competition in the Golf 4 Millions Final Shootout.  Bob invoked steely nerves and a steady swing to hit an 8 iron to 7 feet and 9 inches from the flagstick. Golf 4 Millions founder, Mark Slipp, handed over the keys to a brand new Fiat 500 to Bob Morris shortly after the final participant’s shot landed outside of Bob’s winning distance.

The Golf 4 Millions Closest-to-the-Pin Car Giveaway began on September 6, 2013 with golfers taking a shot at being one of the daily qualifiers to take their shot at winning a new Fiat 500 POP.  The event came to an exciting conclusion Saturday, October 12th as each of the 30 qualifiers took their shot on the #1 tee box from a distance of 127 yards to win a new car.

The Golf 4 Millions ethos is “Celebrating Golf Pros”.   Learn more about Golf4Millions and Golf4Millions Events by visiting our websites and .

Attached photo pictured left to right: Mark Slipp, Founder of Golf 4 Millions; Chip Randall, CEO of The Georgia Trail; Bob Morris, Winner of the Golf 4 Millions Car Giveaway; Philip Herterick, Regional Director of Golf 4 Millions and Ernie Boshers, Director of Golf at The Georgia Trail.

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