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Life lessons can be acquired from a variety of places, sports is one of those places. In sports we learn that winning isn’t everything –  win some, lose some; practice makes perfect; it ain’t over til it’s over; play fair; be a good loser and more importantly be a good winner.  Success in sports and in life is what you do with what you’ve got.
The role of sports is an integral and huge part of our lives in America – no doubt, around the world. Monday night football; Super Bowl Sunday; The Tour de France; The Masters; the World Series; The Soccer Cup.  From world sporting events to your child’s first day in the pee wee league, sports has and is a large part of life.
Those that have a passion for playing sports, those that play as kids and the parents that help them, those that paint the lines on a field, or keep scores from the stands, or run in the mud through trails on a rainy morning. These are the people that build a community, these are the people that share their passions, and these are the stories we want to share through our new publication.

Sports Gwinnett’s mission is to bring our readers stories and information about that passion and to also become a resource for the great sports and recreation available to all of us here in Gwinnett County.

Through my experience as a board member of the Gwinnett Parks and Recreation Authority, and my own personal experience with my kids in a variety of league play, I have learned that sports, in its purest form can provide the most memorable life moments that we hold onto forever. The life lessons learned as kids through sports can be shared, enjoyed and passed on to future generations. The adventure continues and the lessons keep coming. We just never know what the next play brings.
I’ve been blessed to have known Clint Conley for over a decade –  my new partner and co-publisher of Sports Gwinnett. His wife, Simpson Elementary school teacher Leigh, has taught my kids and we’ve shared a pew. Clint also shares the passion and dream of sports.  It’s been an adventure getting to the starting line of this first issue, but here we are!  Stay with us until the finish line; share your thoughts with us. We’re always learning – and, never the kind to “watch life from the sidelines.” So, on your mark, ready, set – GO!

Life is Active. Enjoy Sports Gwinnett.
Rico & Clint

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